Puppy Love at First Sight

For Christmas, I sort of tricked my husband into getting a new puppy. I insisted that our 9-year-old dog, Allie, needed a pal. Shortly before the holiday, he said you never tell me what you want for Christmas. The lights started flashing in my head and I said, “I want another DOG!” What could he say, really?

The truth is, my husband and I had been talking about getting a new dog for the last couple of years. Our daughter turned five and we thought she was at about the right age to be able to respect and help care for a new member of the family. Believe me, this was not a spur of the moment decision! (See these tips for thinking through pet adoption before you adopt!)


We visited the local shelter with our daughter a few times. We all agreed to look for a medium-size adult female dog, but there weren’t any available. One of my visits to the shelter I saw a small, black, mixed-breed puppy in the corner cage. Her ears perked straight up when she saw me. I couldn’t leave without her.

Puppies are so cute and a lot of fun, but they also need training, attention, and our new puppy is very curious. We decided to name her Georgia. Her name should really be Curious Georgia, because she has to check out every little thing.

Tonight we have our first Puppy Obedience Class.  I’m excited to get Georgia on the right path and hopefully, it will make our lives together much more rewarding.  I’ll keep you updated on her progress.



Source: http://www.dfs-pet-blog.com/2011/03/puppy-story/