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Please beware of Internet Pet Scammers

Blog November 29, 2011

Just want to make people aware that there are various internet pet scammers out there who pretend to have pets for sale but don’t actually have any. Be careful-the pet classifieds sites sometimes are full of pet scammers-offering white kittens/yorkies /bulldogs & now African Grey parrots!-Usually for adoption.

They will probably ask you to pay by ‘Western Union’ or some other internet method and you will never see your money again or the pet you thought you would.

Please do all the necessary checks to make sure they are genuine. i.e. get their landline telephone number and speak to them that way, and make sure you go and visit the pups or dog at their home.

Education and communication is the key to prevent this internet crime, so please read these warnings and do report ANY fishy or suspicious ad/reply on http://thepetspot.co.uk/contact-us IMMEDIATELY!

Internationally based (non UK) scammers MAY attempt to scam you by..
1) Replying to your ad
2) OR Posting an ad, to which you may reply

We also have a raft of security measures in place, details of which we do not wish to disclose publicly here as that would also alert the scammers to them…however we also rely on your help and vigilance by also reporting anything vaguely suspicious.

This is rare and no one to our knowledge has been successfully scammed via ThePetSpot.co.uk in the past two years. Prior to that two people were.. and we have progressively tightened security/increased warnings since then with great success. We cannot stop people being gullible and falling for online scams, but we can publish this information to help educate everyone.

Official Warning from UK Police:

* See the animal first, FACE TO FACE.
* Do NOT pay funds overseas.
* Do not “wire” funds




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