About Me

DDD is a unique Dog Service in South West London. Your dog is one of the family at DDD. We welcome every type of dog to come and play with us. At DDD its all about your dog and we love creating stimulating yet fun walks/days out and we strive to make each one different to the last time.

The passion for animals within DDD emanates from Duncan’s childhood. He grew up on a farm with loyal German Shepherds and has spent a life surrounded by every kind of animal from rescue dogs, horses, chickens and sheep. Duncan has always taken the role of chief dog walker for all his friends, family and colleagues dogs, purely for the love of being part of nature and spending time with the dogs and embracing the different personalities of every dog.

The other animal fanatic, who runs DDD is Jessica, Duncans Fiancé. She also has a background, which has been centered on looking after animals. Having owned her own horse since a young age, she has never been afraid of getting her hands dirty and began by volunteering at a local stable. From there she developed a love for horses and farm animals and most importantly being part of nature.

Currently our family includes three cheeky French bulldogs