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UP2015 held today in Beijing is expected to release new tour list


March 30, UP Tencent Interactive Entertainment 2015 annual conference at the National Convention Center was officially opened. As a ‘pan-entertainment’ industry trend of promoters and the largest interactive entertainment service provider, Tencent held for five consecutive annual conference has become a mutual entertainment entire interactive entertainment industry benchmark. This conference theme of ‘imagination’, Tencent will focus on ‘pan-entertainment’ strategic layout, and then click Publish entertainment Tencent’s mutual animation, film, literature, Runescape 3 four entities of the latest developments and business initiatives. UP2015 annual conference Tencent Tencent interactive entertainment Cheng Wu: Five Trends conference after the opening of the Pan-entertainment era, Cheng Wu, vice president of Tencent Group on ‘imagination’ made a keynote speech. He said, ‘Internet +’ is a pan-entertainment. Without identity, differences in status, the most important thing is – ‘as long as there are fans there is pan-entertainment.’ Cheng Wu, vice president of Tencent Cheng Wu, vice president of Tencent Group, the Group proposed a total of five points: first, the first to build pan-entertainment Tencent mutual entertainment ecosystem; and second, any form of entertainment is no longer isolated, comprehensive cross-border connection is started, factoring symbiosis . Third, the creators and consumers to break the boundaries, everyone can be creative Daren. Fourth, the mobile Internet economy spawned fans, star IP birth greatly enhance the efficiency. Fifth, technology, art, talent free connection, Internet + spawned the era of big ideas. UP2015 expected to publish a new list of the current tour, according to Tencent mutual entertainment sources, Tencent Runescape 3 pan entertainment annual keyword ‘beyond’, an annual pan-entertainment Tencent anime keyword ‘dream’, ‘Tencent movie +’ key annual Pan Entertainment The word for ‘exploration’, the annual pan-entertainment keyword literature as ‘the beginning of the heart.’ The conference, expected to be released end of the 10 tour, 4 and 5 hand tour page tour products. End travel products are: ‘Infinity Blade’, ‘Brave Adventure,’ ‘full-time Master’, ‘Master’, ‘Locke Kingdom’, ‘Call of Duty Online’, ‘Smite’, ‘Monster Hunter Online’, ‘ The Magic Blade, ” Blade cavalry. ‘ Among them, the ‘full-time master’ based sub mysterious new products, ‘Locke Kingdom’ is a children’s Runescape market Tencent to enter the army assault. Meanwhile, Tencent will from animation, mobile Runescape 3, side trips, depending on travel, novels, comic aspects of creating ‘Brave Adventure’ star IP of the road. Hand travel products: ‘DNF Mobile Edition,’ ‘Miracle warm’, ‘defend radish 3’, ‘Stoneage’. Page tour products are: ‘Book and Sword’, ‘Storm Throne’, ‘Regulus World,’ ‘Monster Hunter pioneering mind,’ ‘Naruto Online’. In addition, Tencent Entertainment will release four mutual adaptation by real big movie and a costume drama, which films include: ‘QQ-hyun Dance’, ‘Locke Kingdom’, ‘dead brother’, ‘QQ Speed’; TV series project as ‘Optional days in mind.’ About Tencent Interactive Entertainment: Tencent Interactive Entertainment, the world’s leading interactive entertainment services integrated brand, its covering Runescape 3, literature, animation, film four solid business platform. Based on ‘pan-entertainment’ strategy, Tencent interactive entertainment continued in many fields based on the Internet and mobile Internet symbiosis, build star IP (Intellectual Property, Intellectual Property) a fan of the economy, to embrace a new era of interactive entertainment, so imagine bloom!

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