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this article to share with you about ‘Aion gold’ in some tips



this article to share with you about ‘Aion gold’ in some tips, mainly to help the players you encounter a similar situation in a timely manner to respond when the following are tips tips in http://www.sellkina.com/ this article, the Aion Raiders welcome everyone to Find tips and ideas to use. Currently found in the Aion BUG: 1 quests Aion Double Live online cooperative play when the host does not have the chance to coAionlete the task situation appears more serious. After the emergence of BUG, ​​the role of the host can not quit the task, can not perform other tasks. Other players can be invited to the Aion, but the Aion continues SOLO single person can not. 2 In the late Aion when sent to the shelter, there will be a long black phenomenon, serious and even freezing. Aion gold GLITH use loopholes in the system to make Aion gold Dafa Note: Lionhead Studios on sale in the next Aion released a patch to address this gap, so if you want to take advantage of this loophole to be enough Aion gold, please do not upgrade your online Aion. In entering the Aion out of the apply the update When proAionted, choose not to update, the Aion will automatically disconnect LIVE connection. If you have already upgraded the patch is pre-Aion, unfortunately tell you that you can not take advantage of this loophole to make Aion gold. Because if you remove the upgrade patch and then start the Aion in offline mode, the archive will be destroyed and can not be read again. And after the first Aion to earn enough Aion gold to upgrade patches for online Aions is not affected. Dafa detailed steps 🙁 Aion gold to make Aion gold notes before: first Aion for a period of progress in reaching the first village Bligh Tiverton Village , the system elements are basically solved, the next time you start making Aion gold) first step: Use your main account 1P Aion; Step 2: Connect your 2P handle, press START, and select your machine in another profile to create the characters, and saw two figures in the picture coexist; first three steps: 1P 2P character face character, appeared in 2P head LB Gifts after the words, press the handle 1P handle LB; Step Four: After 1P reach room, in front of the right press A blue bag then choose to put their Aion gold to the maximum (the maximum is 100,000), and then determine sent. The system will SAVING tips. Press the B button to return to after the coAionletion of the Aion screen; Step Five: 2P handle press START, sent to shelters picture frame in your gift will see just 1P send Aion gold gifts, go press the A button to view, pay attention to here is not accept a gift, but press X refuse gifts. After all the gifts rejected, press B to return to the Aion screen; Step Six: 2P handle press Arrows, the picture is not proAionted to quit the Aion, select Yes. Here you can also use 1P 2P handle press Arrows kicked out of the Aion; Step Seven: 1P handle transfer press START to shelters, collect gifts. (Then repeat Steps 5 and the sixth operation, stop giving gifts 1P, reportedly the largest can be sent to 900 million. Okay, coAionletely without Aion gold, no place to spend Aion gold is true.)

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