New Home Needed for Loving & Cuddly Lhaso Apso & Wolf Spitz X – £300


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Its with great sorrow that I find myself in a position whereby I am forced to find a new home for my much adored dogs. Unfortunately my wife has developed a serious allergy to their fur and as such we can no longer have them in the house or anywhere near my wife.

Bobby is a gorgeous black Wolf Spitz crossed with Collie and is 7 years old. He is an ex-rescue from bath Cats and Dogs home who has lived with us for 4 years. He is extremely well-trained and obedient. He loves to play fetch and actually seems to prefer human company to other dogs. He is a companion dog and loves to hang out and receive cuddles and belly rubs. Bobby sometimes needs time to build trust with strangers, however once he gets used to you he is a faithful friend for life. Cats will never be friends with Bobby..! We are asking £100 for Bobby.

Kobi is a black Lasso Apso pedigree and is 3 years old. We took him on at the age of 1 from a family with too many children. He is playful and exceptionally affectionate. He loves children, other dogs, cats and pretty much anything that breathes! Kobi is quite obedient and can be trusted off a lead in a park. Kobi seems happiest charging around the park after dogs and birds as well as sitting on a window sill watching the world go by. We are asking £200 for Kobi as he has his own pedigree certificate.

Both dogs have been neutered and have received regular flee and worm prevention.

These dogs must be re-homed together as they are the best of friends. Often they will play fight with one another which is always great entertainment. Both Bobby and Kobi will provide unconditional love and joy to whomever is fortunate enough to give them a new home.

If you are genuinely interested please do give me a call and we can arrange for you to meet these charming canines.

Please note that I intend to carefully screen prospective owners as there are a lot of horror stories about dogs being re-homed to unscrupulous individuals. I will need to see the new home to ascertain if I am comfortable that the new living environment is suitable.

I will only let the dogs go to new owners that have a house with a garden as the dogs do require an element of freedom outdoors.

Due to the phenomenal response I have received in just one day, I can only take genuine enquiries via email.


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