juwel rio 400 large fish tank malawi breeding full setup


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Phone number07414140448

hi i have for sale juwel Rio 400 that’s 450 liters comes with lots of slate bog wood ship wreck
lots of crushed coral this is not cheep air pump heaters fluvel 406 filter lots of rocks blue neon light and lots of caves and other stuff also comes with fish
synodontis multipuncatus x4 breeding (5 inches)
rubin red peacock paire (6 inches)
white tailed brichardi x7 (2 inches)
copadichromis azureus breeding x4 (4 inches)
labidochromis caeruleus breeding x2 ( 4 inches)
otopharynx lithobates breeding x2 (5 inches)
placidochromis electra female (5 inches)
albino pleco (11inchs)
l444 bristle nose pleco breeding x4 (3 inches)
frontosa breeding group 4 (8 inches)
most fish are f1 and very healthy there are more fish in tank. Tank has been running for 3 years very nice setup
call 07414140448 for more info thanks also have more breeding pairs there is only one thing wrong the t5 light needs new fitting but never got round to doing but have fitted different one and works fine only selling as moving onto breeding dragons £400 this is a bargain as fish are worth more than that

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December 6, 2014 4:19 pm

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