Chihuahua puppies 11 weeks. ready now


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Phone numberLu on 01277 634406

Chihuahuas 11 weeks old, and toilet trained outdoors, well socialized to dogs and people, and met and fine with the cat. Puppies have been vaccinated for the first time and will soon have the second and be able to go out into the big wide world, for which we have prepared pups by taking pups around with us in the car and being carried in the park.
Pups are confident and happy.
Pups loves to kiss and cuddle, love to play and are so entertaining and cute we really will miss these last tiny bundles of adorable fun.
Parents of good temperament with children and dogs and are well socialized.
We are not in a hurry but we are looking with great care for the right homes to come along and do not mind how long it takes.
More photos available and pup to be seen in Billericay.
They are the original Mexican smooth coats.
Do not be misled, by the way, apple heads and t cup dogs are just a way of selling small dogs quickly. (check on google) Chihuahuas are just Chihuahuas so we make no such silly claims.
We believe Chihuahuas are real dogs only small (smallest dog in the world), We believe they deserve to go for walks and to meet dogs, (carefully) and people daily, from the ground level..
Chihuahuas are very loyal protective of their owners and generally good with children, as ours is, they love warmth and to burrow under the covers, They make very good house dogs and are intelligent and will play and fetch, dance and find tricks to perform.
We do not believe they are toys or status symbols for the fashion trade. If you agree you could own one of our pups, They are not free, they cost £599, Please call if you are earnestly looking for such a dog as part of your family. They have had an excellent start.
A deposit secures until the pup can be comfortably accommodated at home. Advice and help with health and training, freely given.

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