Before the line after a nocturnal beast suffered a monster and Yan shadow.


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Before the line after a nocturnal beast suffered a monster and Yan shadow. After some fighting, the two move on nocturnal animal encounter story Walter is captured, it is the protagonist needs to rescue him. After a series of battles, the protagonist rescued Walter, but his eye sight. Two out of the cave, came to a desert. 12 blind: the end result of extremely weak across the desert and fell Walter, the protagonist of the line along the way before being nocturnal beast harassment and coma, and Finn classes were later rescued Aurora man Kaelin. 13 Aurora: Aurora exploration After exploring the town go back to see Kaelin after boarding the protagonist wakes up to find Walter also rescued back, then began to explore the city of Aurora, reading several articles on the wall After condolence, go back to see Kaelin, commitment and will to rebuild Aurora sailed into the territory, and Kaelin alliance. Everyone on board to negotiate a plan of attack to Bowerstone Castle attack. 14 Albion Battle: destroy mortars looking Rogan destroy the city in order to make Kaelin warships mortar shelling gates, all rounded out the city, captured Logan 15 . coronation: decide the fate Rogan Rogan mouth from the forces of darkness that would have struck, need to raise troops to defend the kingdom 16. world’s burden: to Bowerstone Industrial Zone, see Lee Dover solving procedure of choice the continuation of child work system (optional), and then decide the rate (optional) this year to decide whether to rebuild the old city (optional) to decide whether to change the guard’s budget (the election) to determine whether the castle decor and evil (optional) decided to Aurora . status (optional) 17 Desert Star: Go to Aurora Cave pick diamonds kill Until anger escape the cave go back and find Hobson. Aurora near the desert that possession of great value diamond, take it, filling the treasury or the pockets (optional) 18 of the world’s burden: to solve Procedure see Bae Ji child grants and whether to establish an orphanage (election ) whether to establish a sewage treatment plant (optional) 19 Crime and Punishment: Organization Bowerstone Market pub robbery into the hiding place seize Nigel Philo after seeing Bae Ji, too. known to have mob surrounded the Bowerstone tavern, go to treatment, after Quanmie enemy that Philo’s hideout bandit chieftain, go to destroy the defeat of its men, the optional whether to accept his bribe (the election), only 100,000 too less decisively rejected. 20. world’s burden: Solving Procedure whether to declare Prohibition (optional) whether reopening Brian Wentworth Institute (optional) whether eAiontying Bauer Lake (optional) to Kashmir Feder fundraiser 21. stolen statue: Go Mir Feder and wealthy sponsors meet mdash; mdash;’Aion gold’ Aion BUG plus Aion gold cheats

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