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Feline Hyperesthesia syndrome

Feline Hyperesthesia syndrome(feline psychogenic alopecia )  aggression manifests itself spontaneously. Cats with such syndrome are extremely sensitive when touched along the spine. To avoid this bad habit, it is very important that the cat is not stressed. “Hyperesthesia” means “abnormally increased sensitivity of the skin.” It may begin with signs typical of feline psychogenic alopecia , and then escalate. It is known by many names including “rolling skin syndrome,” “twitchy cat disease,” “neuritis,” and “atypical neurodermatitis.” Hyperesthesia syndrome occurs more frequently in oriental cats, breeds like Siamese, Himalayan, Burmese, and Abyssinian. This syndrome is most common between 1 to 4 y.o. cats.  Hyperesthesia syndrome seems to have no known cause and aggression is called idiopathic. (more…)
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Purina Pro Plan Cat Food 3kg – From Only £15.19 & FD Over £29!

PRO PLAN FOR YOUR CAT PRO PLAN is highly scientific food that has been carefully formulated using superior ingredients to help your cat live a long and healthy life. Developed by expert veterinarians and nutritionists, our complete and balanced formulas provide everything your cat needs for optimum growth and maintenance. Nature gave cats four key protective systems: digestive, urinary, immune and skin & coat, and nutritional research has shown that adding specific nutrients to cats’ diets helps these systems work in perfect harmony. Purina’s expert nutritionists have therefore created the PRO PLAN range to nourish and support your cat’s own natural defences. There’s a PRO PLAN formula designed for every life stage, providing the correct blend of nutrients and minerals your cat needs from kitten hood to seniority. The result? A complete and balanced pet food that provides your cat with complete nutrition for a Lifetime of Natural Protection. Buy: Purina Pro…
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